Scantraxx is a Dutch record label, founded back in 2002 by Dov Elkabas aka The Prophet. The next 10 years Scantraxx will be seeking for synergy between our label, artists and audience. Just like the past decade, we want to be the home of hardstyle: a spindle and driving force in this unique scene, by bringing you high quality hardstyle.

We think it’s important to strive for the best by bringing you high quality. While being part of a unique scene, with unique people, experiences and products, we want to continue by staying unique ourselves. By staying ahead, being original and innovative, we intend that you enjoy our music, artists and events. It’s important that our audience enjoys all Scantraxx experiences, just like we do within everything in this scene. That’s also why we’re open to all and accessible to everyone.

We are driven by excitement: a feeling of energy and the idea of experiencing something special. That’s what we love and like to share, but also what brings you, Scantraxx and all other hardstyle lovers together: We Are one!


We Are One!

Enjoying and dancing to hardstyle gets more meaning, content and pleasure when it takes place with few thousands of others: you, Scantraxx, and all other hardstyle lovers. With a high degree of solidarity and the feeling of collectivity, we’re all individually part of something unique. We’re a group of like-minded with our own values and a common love for hardstyle.

Through this unity and dedication, hardstyle became a very powerful scene. With solidarity as one of the main elements, Scantraxx feels one with all lovers. We need all these individuals to do what we do, and be who we are. Gratitude from Scantraxx therefore is only right. This thought characterizes the last 10 years of our label, and will be a strive to encourage for the next decade.